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  • Rusty Alderson

    Rusty Alderson

    Retired technologist — eschewing cubicles; observer extraordinaire; perpetual student; philosopher; poet; essayist; advocate for nature and wilderness.

  • Zane Fleming

    Zane Fleming

    Deep thinker, French lover, Christ follower.

  • JoMae Spoelhof

    JoMae Spoelhof

    JoMae’s Reflections — Sharing thoughtful observations on Life, Love and Loss - with touchstones of hope between the lines. JoMae blogs at annaver.blogspot.com

  • Laurie Perez

    Laurie Perez

    Author of THE LOOK OF AMIE MARTINE | "A book that you think about, long after you’ve read it" | “strangely euphoric” | "It is luminous” http://amienovels.com

  • Jacob Cepollina

    Jacob Cepollina

    MSW Student, disabled, chronically ill, trans, in pain, etc.. Poetry about some or all of those parts of me.

  • Renata Pavrey

    Renata Pavrey

    Nutritionist by profession. Marathon runner and Odissi dancer by passion. Driven by sports, music, animals, plants, literature, movies and more.

  • Shaista


    Architect by profession | Writer by choice | Indian |

  • Kelley A. Mussler

    Kelley A. Mussler

    I’m an exhausted parent, an American living in Ireland, an introverted bookworm and a tweeter of crappy haikus.

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