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PUBLICATION: ‘Flicker and Flight’ I am a best selling indie author, and creative writer. Curated in multiple topics.
Copyright of Whitney Rose (self image)


Hi! My name is Whitney Rose.

I live in rural South East Iowa, USA.

I grew up on the East Coast, in Boston, MA. I have also lived in Southern and Northern CA.

I am a best selling author and creative writer.

My Medium publication is ‘Flicker and Flight’. This is a new publication looking for contributors!

I love writing about personal life experiences with the hopes to inspire and help people.

I also really enjoy writing poetry, and about mental health awareness, and healthy life style choices, such as, healthy eating, exercise, and spiritual practice.

Sample Articles

(Curated in #LifeStyle #Health…

Copyright of Whitney Rose

Hello wonderful ‘Flicker and Flight’ writers and readers!

I apologize for the delayed Newsletter/update. Life has been busy and full of new writing adventures and opportunities. By no means have I put ‘Flicker and Flight’ on the back burner, I am still very present with the publication; although, I have not had the time to post much of my own poems and images, recently. However, I am practicing the distribution of my time, and prioritizing publishing more often on Medium (again). I encourage and invite all ‘F&F’ writers to keep posting your beautiful poetry and photography. Engaging and interacting with all of you brings me so much joy…

Copyright of Whitney Rose

Copyright of Whitney Rose

Happy Saturday Everyone!

How was everyones Christmas? I hope everyone stayed safe and healthy! Before we know it, it’ll be 2021! We have all made it through this intense year! I know that Medium has been a lifesaver for me this year. Meeting and staying connected with fellow writers/creative minds has helped me get through 2020. I thank each and everyone of you!
That being said, let’s showcase and read everyones beautiful poetry from this past week! 12/19/2020–12/26/2020.

Published by Ruks Moreea:

Published by Dr. Preeti Singh:

Published by Øivind H. Solheim:

Published by Kylie Craft:

Published by Megan Nicole Morgan:

Published by Arundhati:

Published by Terry Mansfield:

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